1. Found during office tidy up! @burton_snowboards_uk

    Found during office tidy up! @burton_snowboards_uk

  2. Inspired - Ozone Team in New Zealand from Ozone Kites on Vimeo.

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to sail across the water, planing faster than the wind?

    2013 Course Racing World Champion Florian Gruber and No.1 IKA rank Riccardo Lecesse were invited to the Ozone Kites HQ of Raglan, New Zealand, to try out and shoot with the new Chrono and Edge kites.

    We had set aside a week of wind chasing - but this time it was different to most kitesurfing trips, as it was all about chasing light wind! The new Chrono has really opened our eyes to what is possible even in the lightest of breeze, and accompanied with the refinement of the Edge together these kites pack a powerful punch to any performance kiters quiver; whether on a twin tip, race board or foil board.

    The crew were able to discover new kiting locations and witness New Zealand’s unique weather and scenery. During the journey south the guys also scored fun freeride sessions boosting huge on the Edge!

    Check out the video of our trip - full of mind blowing scenery and images, sit back and enjoy watching these guys froth on being out there in the water day by day, enjoying kiteboarding as much as possible no matter the wind or weather conditions.

    We hope you can share the same stoke out on the water…anytime…anywhere, be it in board shorts in the tropics or drysuits on mountain lakes, there is always a puff of wind somewhere to ride…

    Team Ozone

  3. The Nordic Story Episode One from Tidy Images on Vimeo.


    A series of episodes set in the Scandinavian wilderness showcasing life amongst the natural elements.
    We follow various freesport enthusiasts on a journey into their own idea of a peaceful mind, exploring their relationship with nature and how their reluctance to follow the norm to pursue their passions results in a contented life. In order for the people of our planet to feel motivated to conserve, we must first all feel a relationship, a bond with the natural environment.

    Episode 1 - Winter In Vossavangen ( Drop September 2014 )
    Episode 2 - A Trip Up North ( Drop November 2014 )
    Episode 3 - The Balance of Nature ( Drop January 2015 )

    Any issues with the use of music please contact us directly at:
    tidyimages@gmail.com or tom@gonewest.com

  4. Beautiful Scotland from John Duncan on Vimeo.

    Over the past 8 or so months I’ve travelled around Scotland usually getting up at offensively early times to get good light. I wanted to make a film which really shows what a beautiful country Scotland is. Living in Edinburgh we’re fortunate to have some truly magnificent sights on our doorstep.

    Filming this has been incredible, most of the shots have involved some kind of adventure. From camping on top of Sgurr a’Mhaim as the sun sets, driving overnight to the Old man of Storr on Skye catching the sun rise and stomping through fields chasing the Jacobite Steam Train.

    Shot on a DJI Phantom 2 with a Gopro 3+ (with FPV) this little Quadcopter is quite incredible. It allows you to get shots that a helicopter couldn’t even get into. By shooting 2.7k on the Gopro I was able to scale up the footage in a 1920p sequence to get tighter shots, this allowed me to stay within the CAA UAV regulations. The Gopro was shooting mosting on 2.7k Medium or Wide CAMRAW and was graded with speedgrade. Despite it’s size the camera is great as long as there is enough light! Hopefully over the next few months i’ll be upgrading to the DJI s900 which will take a GH4 camera.

    I found a great website called Suncalc which projects a chart onto google maps which shows you the angle that the sun will rise from at specific times which was really helpful in planning where to be when. Fortunately the Met Office and MWIS forecasts were pretty spot on so there weren’t too many wasted trips. Walkhighlands.com has been a great resource for researching routes

    In the film there are shots from Skye – Quairang, Old man of Storr, Buachaille Etive Mor, Sgurr a’Mhaim – Devil’s Ridge, Ben Nevis, Forth Rail Bridge, Dunbar, Rannoch Moor, Wallace Monument, Edinburgh, Glenfinnan Viaduct, The Kelpies.

    Twitter: @johnduncanfilm
    Facebook: John Duncan Filmmaker

  5. Brunotti History from Brunotti on Vimeo.

    Brunotti was founded in 1979 by Claudio Brunotti, a passionate Italian. He was a real bon vivant and a talented windsurfer, who competed in several World Cups. He started with shaping surfboards. His style was distinctive because Claudio was one of the first shapers who was using bright colours, new shapes, techniques and prints on a surfboards. Claudio was a perfectionist, his feeling for quality, technique and details was unique those days. It became the signature of our brand.

    After the success of his surfboards Claudio started promotional T-shirts to promote his boards. Later he also designed beachwear and snowboard wear collection. He learned the young Jinne Sietsma his shaping techniques. In 1997 he moved back to Italy and sold his brand and company to 2 Dutch entrepreneurs. Nowadays Jinne Sietsma is still in charge of the shaping workshop, where Claudio started, in Scheveningen, the Netherlands. On this location Jinne is still developing new techniques and shapes for the Brunotti boards.

  6. Canon Powershot SX50 HS + CHDK Timelapse Test from Tom Beaton on Vimeo.

    Testing the CHDK firmware hack to create timelapses using a Canon Powershot SX50 HS

  7. The Cronix Session - Lewis Wilby from FLYSURFER Kiteboarding on Vimeo.

    New FLYSURFER teamrider Lewis Wilby shot a nice action video together with photographer Ash Garwood during an end of summer session on his Flysurfer Cronix whilst riding at the legendary kite spot, Frinton on Sea.
    Wind conditions were around about the 10 - 15mph mark and slightly offshore, however Lewis was able to land some new tricks including the Double Frontloop Invert which he had recently been practicing over the water.

    You can follow Lewis on his website: lewiswilby.co.uk

    Lewis is sponsored by:
    Flysurfer Kiteboarding - flysurfer.com
    MBS Mountainboards - mbseurope.com
    PowerKiteShop - powerkiteshop.com

  8. Weird looking spooky silhouettes from last night. #moon #silhouette #dark

    Weird looking spooky silhouettes from last night. #moon #silhouette #dark